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Berry Picking Guide

If you’ve eaten blueberries in Whatcom County, you have probably tasted Dukes. This variety is quite popular with Pacific Northwest growers for their early ripening and quality fruit. These berries are our earliest ripening fruit, with a very large berry, firm texture and mild flavor. Dukes are the best for eating fresh, but they also freeze or process well.

This variety is very flavorful, and can be a bit tart if picked too early. The fruit is moderately firm with a small scar, and can be quite large. Bluecrop are great for eating fresh, but they’re also quite popular for freezing and baking.

This variety gets the award for the biggest fruit. Berries are often as large as a quarter. The fruit is sweet and has excellent flavor. Great for U-Picking because of their size.

This is a popular variety because of superb flavor and their very large size. Great for eating fresh, Spartans also make excellent jam or pies.

This later variety boasts large berries and a tart flavor that make them popular for eating fresh, but also an excellent choice for baking or preserving.

These are the smallest berries that we have, and while they are excellent eaten fresh, they’re quite popular for baking because of their small size and extremely sweet flavor.